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Women's Soft ball Indoor Cricket 


31 October 2022 - 29 th January 2023

You can find Soft Ball Indoor Cricket league, nationwide,

that will teach you how to play and the basic skills you need. We play this new kind of indoor cricket, in all sorts of ways.

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S    ft ball cricket

What is it?


No pain, all gain! Soft Ball Indoor Cricket is a new, fun, fast, social game for all abilities featuring, you guessed it, Soft ball.

The Women’s Soft Ball Indoor Cricket league are set to take over this winter. Expect something different!


Where is it?


The Soft Ball Indoor Cricket league will be held across Germany. The final will take place

29th January 2022.

How will the final work?

Each Player must play a minimum of 5 matches to qualify for the final on 29 January 2022  

Place and Time (TBC)

When is it?

The 2nd Soft Ball Indoor Cricket in Bavaria (Munich & Regensburg) takes place in Munich.

To view the full schedule of the series in Bavaria go to our Calendar

What do you need to bring?

Nothing – all equipment is provided. There is car parking, changing rooms. There is no dress code. 


Want to meet with National Players?

They are there to coach us, into the game.

Let's have fun

Whack some balls, bowl some balls, catch some balls. Run about a bit, laugh more than is good for you. Repeat.


Soft Ball Indoor Cricket league is about getting out and playing: maximum fun, minimum fuss.  

No pads, no hard ball, no head-scratching rules. It’s a game for absolutely everybody, no matter your skill level, fitness, or age. Playing time at a series is usually about two to four hours, so it never gets boring!


Turn up and we promise you a warm welcome, coaching, warm up music: basically all the good things about a Soft ball day with none of the grunge.


So why not bring friends, down to our local league in Bavaria and make a day of it?

Oh, and it’s no problem if you want to sign up on your own. We’ll find a team for you and introduce you to all your new team mates.


All you have to do is register by email or whatsapp It only takes a minute, and we’ll get right back to you to confirm your place. If you think you know other women who might be interested, please just share the link.

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